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Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions MYCoolEVENTS

1. Overview of this Agreement
MYCoolEVENTS Terms and Conditions govern the rights and responsibilities of each party in relation to your engagement of our events.

2. Acceptance
Upon purchasing a ticket, you indicate your acknowledgement, agreement, and acceptance of this Agreement.

3. Content
In addition to this Event, this Agreement also incorporates ours.
Website Terms of Use – see our website.
Ticket Privacy Policy – will be printed on your ticket.

(This is your event ticket. Ticket holders must present their tickets on entry. You can
either print your ticket or present this digital version. PRINTED or DIGITAL. You can
find all the details about this event on our website. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via Looking forward to seeing you there!)


Ticket Purchaser Terms (for ticket purchasers, read our website policy)
Any other terms and conditions that may appear on the Website from time to time (for example, competition terms and conditions)


4. NDIS Client information
MYCoolEVENTS Tickets provides a simple, easy-to-use online service. Upon purchasing you will receive a receipt/ticket with example of references to be claimed from your NDIS Funding packages.
You/nominee/carer/parent/plan manager are solely responsible for ensuring you follow the correct process in claiming back the event ticket via your NDIS Package (if this is applicable to you).


5. Your Data (see more information via our website policy)
MYCoolEVENTS reserves the right to make any parts of its Website accessible only to users who have registered. We will send information regarding current and coming events to you when you register on our website. You can opt out of this via reading our website policy.


To register, you must be 18 years of age and over.
You must notify MYCoolEVENTS immediately of any known or suspected unauthorised use of your Event Organiser Account, password, or any other breach of security.

To register an Event Organiser Account, you must provide MYCoolEVENTS with. a valid Name, Surname, Address, Email address; Contact number and Address. any other information that we may require during the registration process and information about your Event will be sent to you via your email.

You are responsible for ensuring current and accurate information and must promptly update this information to maintain accuracy.

Approval of registrations. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application for registration.

Responsibility for finalising Event
Read our terms and conditions carefully and select you have read it; before purchasing your event TICKET.


Purchase a pre-paid ticket and keep information handy when attending the event. See our ticket policy.

Checking bank account details (incorrect details may result in a third party receiving your payment, in which case we may not be able to retrieve those funds or make any further payment to you – we are not responsible for ensuring your bank account details are correct); and Upon receiving your paid invoice, you are then able to reclaim these expenses back if you are Self-Managed and/or Plan Managed only. (if applicable to your NDIS plan).

***NOTE: We are not a service provider and hence if you are Agency Managed you cannot claim these expenses from your NDIS Package.

6. Our Services
We create events uniquely designed for NDIS Participants; we encourage all those especially with higher level disability to attend as we believe these events will help participants partake in community access. We are inclusive of all NDIS Participants who have choice and control of choosing this event.

7. Tickets/Value
Tickets are costed at a reasonable price, we take the time to organise the right connection with venue, music bands, sensory events and or creating the WOW factor. We also take consider safety and security when creating these events. These events are seen as value for money. The payment options available for selection by you include:

Please allow 3 Business Days for the funds to clear in our bank account.
Ticket/s: meaning we hold the revenue of your tickets once you have purchased this
includes the cost of stripe service fee. There is a limit of tickets available at every event to STAY Client Covid safe and KEEP our event unique.


All Ticket Revenue (less our Fees, which are deducted automatically) is paid to
MYCoolEVENTS directly by purchasers and subject to Stripe’s terms and conditions.


Stripe Checkout User Services Agreement - Australia | Stripe | Australia

We do not Refund.
In the case of COVID restrictions all events will be cancelled and transferred to another day, NDIS Clients will receive a coupon/voucher to choose to come to another event once Covid Restrictions are LIFTED. As these events are exclusively for NDIS participants, we cannot refund tickets that are already claimable via your NDIS Package. We cannot control who IS reimbursed via their NDIS package. Please contact us on for further clarification.


MYCoolEVENTS will NOT manage Ticket Purchaser refunds; however, in good faith
will give you a coupon/voucher if cancellations result due to low numbers or Covid
restrictions. This allows you to attend any of our other events in the future.


What is included in your ticket?
MYCoolEVENTS will pay venue hiring, and or any services they incorporate to make your event, Awesome.


Event Set Up Fees.
Any co-ordination of services/entertainers etc.


Marketing Fees.

Stripe fee (this is included in your ticket SALE)

You will be provided with a paid receipt and ticket with the relevant NDIS reference codes for your REFUND via your NDIS Plan.  (if this is applicable to you).

Event cancellations by MYCoolEVENTS
If an Event is cancelled by us, we will reschedule the event. You will then receive notification from our team to let you know your options or next event.


8. Event Organiser Warranty
The ticket policy is basis of all ticket sales for Events registered on our Website.
MYCoolEVENTS will meet its obligations under the Ticket Purchaser Policy.
MYCoolEVENTS will not use the Website to mislead or deceive any person.

9. Publicity Rights
MYCoolEVENTS will be taking photos at our event and create videos, we will ask all Clients (if agreed) to fill out our confidential compliance form if this is to go ahead for future marketing material.


10. Confidentiality
MYCoolEVENTS recognise Confidential Information which they have obtained during the event, undertake reasonable measures to maintain the confidential nature of the Confidential Information, including the signing of reasonable non-disclosure agreements by personnel of either party on request.

11. Intellectual Property
MYCoolEVENTS event organisers/volunteers attend all our events. All intellectual
property is respected and all services we co-ordinate we make sure they are covered
with their own liability insurance.

12. Dispute Resolution

The party claiming the dispute must first inform MYCoolEVENTS, in writing of the following:

The nature of the dispute
The outcome they desire to resolve the dispute, and
The action they believe will settle the dispute.
On receipt of the notice by the other party, both parties will make every effort to resolve the dispute by mutual negotiation within 20 Business days. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute in that time, the parties must agree on selection
of a mediator (if the parties are unable to agree, they agree to request that the President of the Law Society of Queensland appoint a mediator) and will be equally liable for the fees and reasonable expenses of the mediator and the cost of the venue of the mediation (to be paid in advance). The parties must each pay their own costs associated with the mediation, which must be held in Brisbane, Australia, unless otherwise agreed in writing. All communications made by the parties arising out of this dispute resolution clause are confidential and to the maximum extent possible, must be treated as "without prejudice" negotiations for the purpose of applicable laws of evidence. This clause survives termination of this Agreement.


13. General
The following additional terms and conditions apply to MYCoolEVENTS Agreement:
MYCoolEVENTS is an Australian Owned business and all prices displayed on the Website are in Australian Dollars (AUD). 

This Agreement is the entire agreement and understanding between the parties on
everything connected with the subject matter of this Agreement, and supersedes any prior understanding, arrangement, representation, or agreements between the parties as to the subject matter contained in this Agreement. If anything in this Agreement is unenforceable, illegal, or void, it is severed, and the rest of the Agreement remains in force.

Any waiver by any party to a breach of this Agreement will not be deemed to be a waiver of a subsequent breach of the same or of a different kind.

14. Definitions
The terms in this clause have the following meanings, unless the context indicates otherwise: Agreement means this Event Organiser Agreement between MYCoolEVENTS and you the NDIS Participant.


Australian Consumer Law means Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act
2010 (Cth).


Business Day means a day on which banks are open for business in Brisbane, other than a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday.

Confidential Information refers to any data or information relating to MYCoolEVENTS whether business or personal, written, or oral and regardless of how or when it was provided to the other party, which would reasonably be private or proprietary to MYCoolEVENTS.

Event means an event created for the purpose of selling tickets to the event through MYCoolEVENTS.

Fees means the fees charged for MYCoolEVENTS as listed on our Website.
Intellectual Property Rights means all intellectual property rights of any kind, in any
jurisdiction, subsisting now or in the future (including, without limitation, business, company or trade names, domain names, patents, inventions, copyright, design rights, know-how, trademarks, the right to sue for passing off and rights to use, and protect the confidentiality of, confidential information).


Services means the services offered by MYCoolEVENTS as listed on our Website.

Ticket Revenue means the revenue paid by ticket purchasers to MYCoolEVENTS for admission to your Event(s).

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