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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

MYCoolEVENTS was created for people with All Abilities seeking a different way to connect to the community. This groundbreaking idea offers a unique delivery of events for people with disabilities along with their support workers/nominee or parents to enjoy a different way a safe and secure Event. Participants can have choice and control over how they connect and create a space where they feel welcome and be themselves. MYCoolEVENTS recognize the importance of people living with disability to have opportunities in the community. 


Inviting Participants to partake in fun, innovative events empowering them to have new experiences and build new friendships, making memories they can share and moments they can treasure with friends. 


MYCoolEVENTS founder has lived experience and has often felt the need to take her son out into the public arena but is sadly disappointed that these events are not inclusive. There is a need for school leavers with a disability to reconnect to their peers and be supported. Equally, there is a huge need for NDIS SIL providers, SDA providers and all NDIS service providers, to bring their Participants to experience our Event. This allows the participant to be able to have choice over where they want to go. Our aim is to create different types of experiences and friendship. 


Our Clients

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