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My Story

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I am the COOL MASTER of my destiny. I want to connect to my peers and bring our special community together.  But I found it very hard to do as my disAbility makes me fragile and tired. 


I came up with an IDEA! My logo is how I say cool. I can't speak but I can dance and do the COOL sign, MY WAY.


I want to CREATE EVENTS that will not only inspire others but pave the way to a better world for people who have a disABILITY. These events are created especially for NDIS Participants, DOING IT OUR WAY.

I am an Optimist. Together we can make our future bright, filled with laughter and happiness. If you have a higher level of disABILITY, we will make sure you are safe and secure. Bring along your PROTECTOR aka support worker/parent/carer to help you MOVE.

 LETS Goooo! Connect with MYCoolEVENTS and live the DREAM.

My Team are experts in making this vision a reality, they work hard everyday and lots of thought goes into making each EVENT come ALIVE.

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